About the Test Strips on eBay & Safe Buying Tips

As you may have noticed by now, the savings offered on diabetic test strips through eBay is HUGE! While these discount prices are welcome, one of the biggest concerns people have is are the strips any good? Questions arise such as "Are they real, authentic brand name test strips like I've been getting from my pharmacy?" or "How can they possibly be sold that cheap if they are of good quality?"

First, a little about eBay. Ebay does not sell diabetic test strips, or anything for that matter. It's a company that orchestrates the smooth flow of a huge search, buy and sell community. This community consists of millions of sellers and buyers.

The selling community which makes up eBay's market place is largely individuals just like you or your neighbor. Rules and policy must be adhered to and some terrific protection services for the buyer are in place, but it's important to know that you are not actually buying strips from "eBay" but rather from an individual. You are buying off of that individual through eBay.

With that said, it's easy to picture where these strips are coming from and who's selling them. Regular people! But how can they sell them so cheap if they are real and in good condition? Since the strips are sold by individuals, they are mostly obtained personally by the sellers. Most of the strips are simply left over or extra. Here are some ways people end up with an abundance of diabetic test strips:

Gestational Diabetes.

During pregnancy some women develop diabetes and have to test their blood glucose levels. Once the baby arrives, the diabetes goes away and they are often left with boxes of unopened, perfectly good strips.

Death of a Loved one.

When a loved one passes away it's often a relative who cleans out the house or apartment of the deceased. Many times diabetic supplies will be found and that includes boxes of unopened test strips. Of course, there is no use for them and this is another reason you find them on eBay.

Change of Meters.

People with diabetes will often change meters or systems for various reasons. When this happens, the previous brand of strips will not work on the new meter. Quite often there are left over boxes that are of no use with the new meter but they are in perfect condition!

Not Testing as Recommended.

Sometimes people just don't test as much as they are supposed too, especially when they are supposed to 6 or more times a day. This will often result in a few unopened boxes accumulated every few months.

Hospital Stay.

Bad cases of diabetes will often land someone in the hospital, or even an accident or operation not related to diabetes, but the patient being diabetic. While in the hospital diabetic patients will be testing with hospital supplied strips. Depending on the length of the stay, the strips at home will start to pile up leaving boxes of perfectly good strips that could end up on eBay.

As you can see, there are many legitemnt ways for perfectly good, brand name diabetic test strips to be made available for purcahse on eBay. The strips would be thrown out if not sold on eBay so that is why they are so cheap! Better to sell them cheap, help someone out and make a few extra bucks than to just toss them in the garbage!

There are also rules and policies which eBay enforces to make for a safe marketplace such as all boxes must be unopened, factory sealed and no expired strips can be sold. Fraud is not an issue here (fake or counterfeit strips) and generally speaking, most of the strips purchased are going to be perfectly fine. However, one must use some caution and common sense when buying.

One of the biggest concerns will be the condition of the box. If the box is all covered in "gook" or coffee stains or generally looks in poor shape, just move on! There are plenty of strips on eBay and all at bargain prices. If you don't find a good deal on that brand today, one will surely open up tomorrow. Check the reputation of the seller. Just read the Feedback comments (make sure they have at least a 98% positive Feedback score) and see what others are saying. If the seller is full of great comments like "well packaged" "Great Seller" "Product just as described" or similar comments, they are likely a great person to buy from.

Stay away from FB lower than the 98%. Again, there are plenty of good sellers and plenty of your brand of test strips out there so it's not worth taking a chance on a questionable listing. Just move on. Also, don't be shy about asking questions. Ebay makes it so easy to ask the seller a question and the good sellers will always respond quickly and happily.

When you use PayPal, you're as safe as it gets with your purcahse. Rarely does it come to having to file a claim, but if you do, you'll find it quite a smooth and quick process in getting your money back. The vast majority of these sellers are ordinary people who are just making an extra buck. They are not out to rip anyone off. The few problems that may arise are usually taken care of with a simple email. But it's nice to know you have the fantastic protection of eBay/PayPal behind you with your purcahses should you ever need them.

You can't beat the prices on these test strips! If you don't have a good insurance plan, buying strips through eBay could save you 50% or MORE of what you are presently paying for your diabetic test stips. It's worth checking out right now!

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