Breeze 2 Test Strips

Breeze 2 test strips and meter have received rave reviews from many users who test their blood-sugar levels on a daily basis. As with other test strips, the Breeze 2 strips and meter offer accuracy and simplicity as selling points. Most found them good for daily use and would recommend them to friends.

Breeze 2 Diabetic Test Strips 50 Count

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Breeze 2 test strips and meter provide you with an easy way to check your blood sugar. A disc will contain 10 blood glucose strips, which does away with the individual handling of strips. These strips have a filling action that makes testing a much easier and simpler event.

The discs make for much more effective results. The disc automatically codes the meter which ensures accuracy every time. There are no human oils transferred to the strip from handling that could interfere with an accurate reading. It has a five-second response time, which is valuable for people who need to test while on the go. They have a shelf life expiration of 12 months.

The Breeze 2 meter comes with ergonomic design and a large digital display. It has the 'no-coding' technology for accurate readings. Its small size makes it perfect for taking it along for use throughout the day. The Breeze 2 meter has received a commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

Some other features are the underfill detection, enabling you to know if you don't have enough blood for an accurate test. It can save information for up to 100 tests. All of the Ascencia-brand meters have been cleared for testing from multiple sites. Not all meters share this function.

The fact that the coding is done automatically is a small miracle for some. The market is flooded with good test strips and excellent meters to choose from. Ask your doctor. Search for yourself online at the many sites available. There are also many websites available with numbers to call with any questions. Help is always available.

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