Bayer Contour Ascensia Test Strips

The Bayer Contour Ascencia system has many benefits of use. In advanced mode you can keep records of your personal 'high' and 'low' records. You can set up post-meal reminders, and you can spread the reminders out over a seven to thirty-day average.

The test strips have easy viewing of blood samples and a flip-top bottle that opens and closes easily. Once opened, the strips will stay fresh in the bottle for up to six months.

Bayer Contour Diabetic Test Strips 50 Count

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The meter turns off and on automatically when the strip is inserted or withdrawn. The large memory is a much appreciated feature. It will hold up to 480 test results along with dates and times. It requires only a 0.6 micro liter of blood to complete a test. Its design makes it an asset to people who have an 'on-the-go' lifestyle.

However, one of the most appreciated benefits of the Contour Bayer Ascencia system is the ease of testing from different sites without changing the coding settings on the meter. This makes life so much easier for many thousands of diabetics who don't use the fingertip site exclusively.The Contour Bayer Ascencia meter is pre-set at the factory with time and dates for your particular area. In size, it's as big as a key-ring in your pocket. It features three large display buttons and a clear display. Overall, the Contour Bayer Ascencia meter is a quality product.

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