One Touch Ultra Test Strips

The One Touch Ultra

glucose monitoring system is small, fast (it can return results in five seconds), and comes in a wide variety of colors. It has an ergonomic design and fits perfectly into your pants pocket or a pocketbook. They are stylish and sleek and appeal to the individual tastes of the consumer. It makes testing easily done on the go. In today's society this is an excellent plus, since we do most everything 'on the go'.

One Touch Ultra Blue

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The One Touch Ultra test strips feature a 'FastDraw' design which enhances their value by supplying a less painful way to draw blood. To avoid wasted strips, they have installed a confirmation window that alerts that you have enough blood already. Thus, less wasted strips, and more money in your pocket. These strips also work with 6 different models of the One Touch Ultra meters. There are One Touch test strips, One Touch Select test strips, One Touch SureStep test strips, and One Touch FastTake test strips. Each strip works well with different One Touch meters.

One Touch Ultra Blue 50 Count

Other features of the One Touch test strips are a notched tip, to help the strip stay in place. They have blue-colored highlights for easy spotting and are easy to hold. The Control Solution is another feature that is a must. This test is to test the 'test strip' for accuracy. This should be performed at least once a week and definitely upon the opening of any new packet of strips.

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