Natural Treatments for Diabetes

It has often been said that the cure for everything that ails us can be found from the earth. You wouldn't know that to be true if you have ever come down with a serious disease though. From the time you are diagnosed, you are often advised to take this pill, get this shot, drink this fluid, and somehow you get the feeling that just by the name of the medicines you are being given, man had something to do with the creation of it. If in fact you can find some relief through the use of natural medications, or supplements, this may be an effective alternative or supplement to your treatment plan.

Diabetes is one disease that requires the patient to be prescribed a variety of medications. From pills to regular insulin shots, a diabetic has to constantly maintain their blood sugar levels and monitor themselves so as not to suffer the ill effects of the disease. There are many natural supplements that have been shown to have some positive effect on the disease of diabetes and just might be worth your further investigation.

Cinnamon -

This tasty treat can spice up all kinds of foods you eat and is extremely effective as an additive to your favorite tea. In many clinical studies, patients who took cinnamon supplements showed a significant decrease in their fasting blood glucose levels than those who took a placebo. A sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon would make a healthy, fiber rich, low glycemic snack for any diabetic.

Aloe Vera -

We all have heard of and possibly even tried using aloe vera to aid in the relief of minor burns and scrapes, but did you know aloe vera may actually aid in lowering your blood sugar? This all natural healing plant has shown some positive results from the patients who have tried it resulting in some not needing their hypoglycemic medication any longer. Further tests are needed, but because the side effects are rare if any, this may be a treatment worth giving a try for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Zinc -

Zinc plays a direct role in the body's production and storage of insulin. Taking this supplement can help your body to better regulate this process and help you to maintain healthy levels. Zinc is readily found in many foods we eat regularly including various nuts, chicken, yolks of egg, rye bread, and everyone's favorite green snack, the lima bean. Zinc is widely available as a supplement in pill form and is included in most daily vitamins as well.

There is no question that if you suffer from diabetes, you should follow the directions of your medical professional explicitly. The supplements on this list are merely a suggestion and you should do your own investigations in the efficacy of such supplements and how they may play a role in your treatment, if at all. Safety is of the utmost concern and the decision to stop taking any prescribed medications in lieu of natural remedies is left to the discretion of you and your doctor.

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