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Diabetic Discounters privacy policy and contact information.

What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes

Learn some common symptoms of diabetes. Spot the early warning signs that diabetics might encounter.

Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise and diabetes: thrown together by need. One of the best combatants to this sometimes debilitating disease is in the form of exercise. Exercise controls weight and reduces levels of blood sugar.

Eating and Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes are not hard to spot. And they're also easy to understand, once you know what to look for.

About the Test Strips on eBay & Safe Buying Tips

Learn about the diabetic test strips offered on eBay. Find out where they come from and learn safe buying practices. About-the-Test-Strips-on-eBay-&-Safe-Buying-Tips

Alcohol and Diabetes

Know the effects and dangers of alcohol and diabetes. Learn what alcohol does to a diabetic body.

Blood Glucose Levels

What is a blood glucose level and how is it monitored? Learn how a diabetic tests sugar levels to keep healthy.

Diabetes and Body Weight

Learn the connection between diabetes and weight gain or loss.

Diabetes and Bread

Learn the effects of bread, particuarly white bread on the diabetic body. Learn the importance of understanding where bread stands in a diabetes diet.

Diabetes and Second Hand Smoke

Learn the effects of second hand smoke on a diabetic person. Tobacco smoke and what it does to diabetes.

Diabetic Help with Vitamins

Learn to alleviate Diabetic discomfort with vitamins. Help for diabetes with supplements and vitamins.

Natural Treatments for Diabetes

Learn some great natural treatments for diabetes and start living more naturally. Food and spices used to help ease a diabetic lifestyle.

Naturally Reverse Insulin Resistance

Learn the basics of how to reverse your body's insulin resistance naturally. Find out which foods to eat and which to avoid for a healthy diabetic lifestyle.

Stevia and Type 2 Diabetes

Learn the benefits of sugar free stevia and type 2 diabetes. The Stevia root as a diabetic ingredient for sweet tasting treats.

Vital Organs and Diabetes

Learn how diabetes can affect your vital organs.

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