What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes?

Diabetes: It is in the glucose. The condition arises when you have too much glucose in your blood and not enough in your body's cells. Type 1 is a lack of glucose production, while type 2 is a resistance to the production that is done. Regardless, glucose is the factor.

A symptom that is easy to spot, especially with all of the diet trends in America today, is if you suddenly lose weight without even making an effort. No diet, but losing weight anyway. This could be an indicator of diabetes and is worth keeping an eye on or getting checked out.

Millions today claim they are tired. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one diagnosis that many may have heard of. But also, it can be due to the same glucose malfunction that brings on the condition of diabetes. This in itself is not a tell-all, because so many other things can contribute to the same symptom. Remember that all these symptoms can also be explained by other sources, but are common in the warning signs of diabetes.

Are you thirstier than usual? Can't seem to get enough water? Monitor this activity also. The lack of glucose again could be the culprit for diagnosing this change. Experienced blurred vision as well? Note it. Monitor it. Get your doctor's opinion.

High glucose levels can cause a wide range of problems in your body. Dry skin, slow-healing bruises, and an increased frequency in bathroom visitsif these things are happening to you, then it may be time to get checked by a doctor. Yet another symptom of diabetes that is just brushed off as a 'healthy appetite' is hunger (polyphagia). Eating and then being hungry again in a brief time after. And while the symptoms we have been mentioning are real and exist, a person can actually have diabetes and have NO symptoms. But there are still tests that can be done on your blood to check for it. Also, if you should have fainting spells, sweat a lot, are given to trembling, or a rapid heartbeat, you may be experiencing what is called 'hypoglycemia' which is low blood sugar, and is usually seen in someone who is being treated for diabetes.

If your breath has a funny odor, it's another important thing to notice in the warning signs of diabetes. Watch for numbness or tingling in any part of your body. For women, frequent yeast infections and vaginal itching are a common sign for alerting you to get checked for diabetes.

New reports claim that diabetes can actually double the odds of Alzheimers. It's a frightening statistic. It only intensifies the importance of early detection and treatment. But on the positive side, another study shows that short rigorous exercise aids the body in processing sugars and fighting diabetes.

Despite gloomy signs and symptoms of diabetes, positive strides have been taken, and positive outcomes can prevail. Be watchful concerning symptoms of diabetes.

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